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Render In the Air

Stink Studios

Render in the Air (RITA) is a high performance video server which I developed during my time at Stink Studios.

It produces videos based on a template (like an After Effects project) and customised on demand, at up to 30x realtime (i.e. a 30s video can be rendered and encoded in 1s).

The customisable elements of a template include:

  • Which scenes to show / audio tracks to include
  • Image and text substitution with arbitrary 2D and 3D transformations
  • 3D texture substitution

RITA supports layer composition and post-processing effects, so customised elements can be embedded in a way which feels completely natural, even photorealistic.

RITA has rendered hundreds of millions of personalised videos for clients including Twitter, AirBnb, Strava and Peloton.